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Ghost Pipefish

Ghost Pipe Fish is one of the beautiful critters for the Photographer. They vary in color from red or yellow to black and are almost transparent. The animals, none of which are longer than 15 Cm (5.9 in), float near motionlessly, with the mouth facing downwards, around a background that makes them nearly impossible to see.  And even They move as the movement of the water so it’s also hard to shoot their photography.

In Nusa Dua, we use to find them in group. Some time There are 3 until 5 Ghost Pipefishes in one group floating around the corals. Just around 15-23 Meters depth we can enjoy these animals and you can shoot them.  Sometime we have small current and the visibility around 10-12 Meters only in Nusa Dua , but we still can see them if we meet them. So feel free to bring your camera and let’s explore together.